Implementing the training

The Diversity in Tourism training program offers a modular and self-implementing approach, allowing companies to tailor the training to their specific needs.

Organizations can select the format, goals, and content most relevant to their situation, ensuring an effective and practical learning experience that fosters inclusivity and supports diverse workplace environments.

Who should pick up this training?

Any tourism organization interested in the question of Diversity! 

All you need is: 

  1. A little time – it requires a minimum amount of time to prepare and do things well. A 15 minute talk over coffee won’t solve anything. 
  2. Clear goals – it won’t solve every problem, but it can help a really supportive dynamic within the company if set up in the right way
  3. A team, motivated and diverse itself, to support and organize the training
  4. Good communication – some people may be looking forward to it. Use their motivation and thoughts, and set their expectations well


Choosing goals that match your organization
This training can:

  1. Give space to diversity in the company, making it a topic of conversation 
  2. Prevent or address tensions 
  3. Help Develop news ideas and solutions to better collaborate
  4. Bring people together around a common organizational culture
  5. Help people discover each other better

Based on your specific goals, you can choose the best format (length and topics) and decide on who will deliver the training, and who will receive it. It can be part of a wider HR policy

Set up a team – Finding and training Trainers 

Follow these few steps: 

  1. Set up a project team to run the training
  2. Give goals and time to train the future trainers (see Handbook)
  3. Promote or target the training to the staff
  4. Follow-up with the ideas gathered by the group

Spread the learning (more session, more content, dissemination by trainees, etc…)