Key conceptsof diversity

Discussing diversity is complex.

And this training is not about simplifying, by putting people into boxes. We want to look deeper and understand better how diversity works.

For this, we need to rely on a few key concepts:

Culture, cultural elements and intercultural relations 
Culture is often brought forward to explain differences and tensions. It is a key aspect of who people are and how they interact. It is also, however, an easy target to blame in case of misunderstandings and problems, leading to easy and harmful generalizations. This training aims at putting words on what culture is and how it plays a role in organizations. 
Identity and identities
Individuals identify with many things – some more openly than others. Our identities define “who we are”, regardless of how visible they are to others. One may easily attack another one’s identity without meaning any harm, and yet trigger a strong reaction. Awareness of our own and others’ identities is key to better collaboration within diversity.
Group dynamics, group belonging and sameness
Humans stick naturally to their peers. What is like us puts us spontaneously at ease. Collectively, it creates group dynamics that favors what some call “our sameness”. With no ill intention, groups can exclude differences. For a strong collaboration within diversity, from onboarding to management, we must be aware of these dynamics to best tackle them. 
Stereotypes and discrimination
The step to generalizing on “others” is never far from group dynamics. When it leads to a different behavior towards specific groups and individuals, it leads to discrimination. Giving a place to discuss this question with staff is key to ensure the quality of the workplace, and to design solutions to being more inclusive.
Privilege and personal biases 
All this is only possible if individuals look openly and honestly inward, and recognize their personal biases – that everyone has! This training aims to provide a supportive context to reflect on these questions.
Diversity as a resource 
This training that it should be run using the knowledge and human diversity within each company. Diversity is a wonderful resources when it is given the right space to work. Leveraging its diversity will support the company managing it better.